The frame for all series is reinforced to better resist pressure and twisting and the whole structure is more squared.

The comparison with the civilian derivation is perhaps only for the dimensions, the engine and the number of axles that have traction. In fact, optionally the civil series may not have four-wheel drive on all axles as it is present on those destined for the Defense market.

Training for military personnel authorized to use these technologies and vehicles is developed both in the barracks but also and above all in the Astra training centers in Piacenza and Bolzano. This is an interaction that sees collaboration, comparison and closeness between military and civilian realities.

Presented by Motor Parts Industry (MPI)

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Lagos – Nigeria



Tesmec takes pride in safety.

The high safety level of Tesmec Group machines is the result of an almost 70-year long experience in designing and manufacturing.

In this perspective and according to the latest technological innovations, we have developed a pack of systems to control machines remotely.

Operators don’t need to be onboard to control them, maximizing their protection even during the most delicate working phases.

Tesmec new realities bring towards the highest jobsite safety standards.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti



IVECO trucks and vans for Africa and Middle East


IVECO has a truck for every need, every location and every mission.

Also present in Africa and Middle East region, IVECO​ is a world leading truck and van manufacturer, with a full range of models engineered to be performing with any climate, cargo and mission, and suitable to any transport applications.

That’s why the IVECO range for Africa and Middle East has been engineered and properly fitted to perform at best in the market, adapting to the local contextwhere working conditions are very demanding and climate can become extreme.

All models are distributed in Euro 3 tropical version and equipped with special devices to be stronger, over performing and suitable for any climate and use condition.

Thanks to a widespread network of Dealers, Sales Points and Service Centres all over the area, IVECO guarantees a prompt, efficient and reliable After Sales service with a large team of experienced and skilled technicians.


Romano Pisciotti

MPI – Motor Parts Industry, Lagos Nigeria

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FPT Industrial is the company of the CNH Industrial group dedicated to the design, production and sale of power units for on-road, off-road, marine and power generation industrial vehicle applications.


The company was born on January 1, 2011, following the partial demerger of the then Fiat Group which led to the birth of the new Fiat Industrial group: the activities relating to the industrial & marine part, which since 2005 were under the Iveco Motors brand, of Fiat-Iveco then merged into the new company FPT Industrial SpA

The company employs approximately 8,400 employees worldwide, located in 10 factories and 6 research and development centers. The existence of a distribution network of 93 dealers and over 899 service points ensures the presence of FPT Industrial in over 100 countries. 

Presented by ITALMOTOR

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info Nigeria: (MPI) Motor Parts Industry


Astra vehicles are developed to tackle the most difficult challenges.
The ASTRA extra-reinforced steel chassis provides unparalleled loading capacity, to satisfy the most demanding requirements of towing missions.
Astra vehicles offer a wide range of traction solutions: from the simple and robust 6×4 version, to the 8×6 and 8×8 versions, all are extremely stable and available in a rigid version, with single or double cab.
Engines offer a maximum power output up to 560 hp, and can be equipped with larger radiators and additional cooling systems for hot climates. The versatile and robust drive train includes torque converter gearboxes and extra-strong drive axles (up to 10 ton on the front, and 20 ton on the rear).

Vehicles can be fitted with larger tyres, special towing hooks, reinforced cross members and high-capacity fuel tanks. Tailor-made transformations are performed directly in our factory to guarantee the highest quality standards.
Everything is designed to perform well (and last) with high-haulage vehicle combinations in excess of 300 tons.

INFO ASTRA – IVECO in Nigeria:

Motor Parts Industry

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IVECO BUS in Nigeria

Iveco Bus was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999, with Ikarus Bus added in late 1999. The Ikarus Bus division was sold off in 2006 to Hungary’s Műszertechnika group.

From 2003 to 2010, Irisbus was 100%-owned by Fiat Group‘s Iveco, and the company was named Irisbus Iveco. Now since 2013, Irisbus has been 100% owned by CNH Industrial‘s Iveco.

IVECO Seoul Buses

The company is based in Lyon, France with offices in Turin, Italy, Watford and Mainz. Buses are developed in one of two R&D centers, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. The engine which powers Irisbus Buses was developed in Italy by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Turin, Italy.

The Irisbus name was retired and now the division is a branch of Iveco, rebranded as Iveco Bus in May 2013, after a reorganization plan.  All new buses are sold under the IVECO brand, as are all the other vehicles produced by the group.


Romano Pisciotti

Motor Parts Industry – Lagos


Our company is specialized in world exports special vehicles, commercial vehicles, 4wd’s of all types, trucks, transport means and of vehicles in general in all types of possible conceptions and executions, among them some specify use such as tropical or for use under different climates and conditions.

EUROMACCHINE, info Nigeria: Motor Parts Industry

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