IVECO Astra HD9 64.42


Iveco Astra HD9 64.42 6X4 RHD Manual Big-Axle Steelsuspension Euro 3

The new generation of Astra HD9 vehicles is the right fusion between a fifty-year tradition in highly specialised, heavy-duty vehicles and modernity, reflected in a new cab of up-to-date and striking design, with marked improvement in driver comfort.Enhanced driver comfort, excellent visibility from the generous windows and new rearview mirrors, original and edgy design are all product innovations that, together with the well-recognised performance of the Astra chassis and driveline, make the new HD9 the ideal partner for those who require maximum performance under all conditions

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Astra vehicles are developed to tackle the most difficult challenges.
The ASTRA extra-reinforced steel chassis provides unparalleled loading capacity, to satisfy the most demanding requirements of towing missions.
Astra vehicles offer a wide range of traction solutions: from the simple and robust 6×4 version, to the 8×6 and 8×8 versions, all are extremely stable and available in a rigid version, with single or double cab.
Engines offer a maximum power output up to 560 hp, and can be equipped with larger radiators and additional cooling systems for hot climates. The versatile and robust drive train includes torque converter gearboxes and extra-strong drive axles (up to 10 ton on the front, and 20 ton on the rear).

Vehicles can be fitted with larger tyres, special towing hooks, reinforced cross members and high-capacity fuel tanks. Tailor-made transformations are performed directly in our factory to guarantee the highest quality standards.
Everything is designed to perform well (and last) with high-haulage vehicle combinations in excess of 300 tons.

INFO ASTRA – IVECO in Nigeria:

Motor Parts Industry

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The continent ranks first or second in world reserves of minerals and metals that include industrial diamonds, platinum, phosphate rock, bauxite, cobalt, zirconium and vermiculite.
Africa also has vast reserves of gold, copper, iron ore, steel, lead, manganese, natural diamonds, coal and uranium.

The mining industry in Africa is an important source of earnings for the continent. For many African countries mineral exploration and production for export is the key to economic stability and growth. The industry provides innumerable jobs and supports thousands of local families. The commodities that are reliant on the mining, refinement and production of minerals and metals are vast. As with most massive industries there are fluctuations and changes..


One of the most important items of capital cost in the mining sector is mobile mining machinery equipment…



…… therefore it is important to invest in efficient and long-lasting vehicles:


ASTRA IVECO in Nigeria: Motor Parts Industry (MPI)

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ASTRA – IVECO in Nigeria

Some opportunities ready for shipping….

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The HD9 tractor stands out for the strength and reliability it guarantees in off-road conditions.

It is used particularly for oversize loads (trailers, half-trailers or dual-use) in the oil and extraction sectors, thanks its ability to adapt to difficult and adverse weather and terrain conditions, from the heat of the African deserts to the ice of Alaska.

Available in a 2 or 3-axle and tridem version, it offers a combined total weight above 200 tons.


Robust and reliable, but also drivable and easy to maintain to be ready to tackle any route, on any type of terrain, in any weather conditions, whenever.

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IVECO ASTRA in Nigeria


WORKSHOP: 231 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora (old APAPA Road)

P.O.Box 198 Apapa, Lagos – Nigeria.


IVECO BUS in Nigeria

Iveco Bus was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999, with Ikarus Bus added in late 1999. The Ikarus Bus division was sold off in 2006 to Hungary’s Műszertechnika group.

From 2003 to 2010, Irisbus was 100%-owned by Fiat Group‘s Iveco, and the company was named Irisbus Iveco. Now since 2013, Irisbus has been 100% owned by CNH Industrial‘s Iveco.

IVECO Seoul Buses

The company is based in Lyon, France with offices in Turin, Italy, Watford and Mainz. Buses are developed in one of two R&D centers, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. The engine which powers Irisbus Buses was developed in Italy by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Turin, Italy.

The Irisbus name was retired and now the division is a branch of Iveco, rebranded as Iveco Bus in May 2013, after a reorganization plan.  All new buses are sold under the IVECO brand, as are all the other vehicles produced by the group.


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Motor Parts Industry – Lagos

SOCAGE in Nigeria (truck-mounted aerial work platforms)

SOCAGE / aerial work platform producer

Socage, located in Italy in the province of Modena, produce and sell aerial platforms.

Our history, started 30 years ago, and its specialization in truck-mounted aerial work platforms are the facts that distinguish our company.
Our products are compact and light. The high performances, in terms of elevation and outreach, complete our distinctive characteristics.

INFO SOCAGE IN NIGERIA: Motor Parts Industry ( MPI)

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The Coronavirus emergency has put a strain on the transport sector to and from China, forcing operators in the sector to find alternative solutions to air and maritime transport, also in consideration of the significant transport demand recorded in recent weeks. Fercam, a South Tyrolean transport and logistics operator, which has been active in air and sea transport to and from China for many years as well as with its intermodal land / rail service, has just set up an entirely road link that connects all Chinese production sites with various European and Italian destinations.

The journey times of the all-road transport service vary from 15 to 17 days depending on the time taken at the borders of the various countries crossed. In addition to the reliability and safety of the service, one of the major advantages of the all-truck alternative according to the South Tyrolean logistics company is at this time the significant reduction in cost compared to air transport as well as more competitive also compared to rail transport.



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