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This configuration is perfectly suitable for all equipment with evenly distributed loads, such as tanks, isothermal bodies, concrete mixers, refuse collection vehicles… for this diesel IVECO S-Way fitted with a hooklift system and a crane behind the cabin!

Presented by Motor Parts Industry – IVECO – Lagos, Nigeria

Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti



Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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IVECO Daily Electric

IVECO is proud to be recognized as an innovative frontrunner in electric vehicles having built its first Daily Electric vehicle in 1986.

The Daily Electric is a zero local emissions light commercial vehicle, designed, built, sold and serviced entirely by Iveco.

The Daily Electric is a battery powered electric propulsion vehicle. An inverter controlled electric motor provides the drive and recovers kinetic energy on braking.

The Daily Electric is equipped with batteries that do not produce gaseous emissions, require no servicing and are totally recyclable. Depending on version and mileage requirements, the Daily Electric can be equipped with a regenerative braking system for recharging the batteries and boosting mileage. Top speed is electronically limited, while autonomy ranges from 90 to 130 km at full load, depending on the nature of the mission.

​Battery weight used to be a limit to the practicality of electric vehicles by reducing maximum payload. Iveco has overcome this problem using increasingly lighter batteries over time.

The auxiliary systems, such as the battery cooling system and the braking servo pump, are powered by 12 V electric motors controlled by DC/DC inverters. The power steering pump is powered directly by the DC traction battery.

A display on the dashboard connects the driver with all the information he needs to drive the vehicle adequately including: battery state of charge, voltage, temperature, battery current and information on the functioning of the electric drive system. The Daily Electric is quite intuitive to drive and is similar to a conventional van with an automatic transmission.

Iveco’s Electric vehicles adapt perfectly to all typical missions in urban areas, including door-to-door distribution and urban passenger transport.

Presented by Motor Parts Industry, Romano Pisciotti

Lagos, Nigeria


No mission impossible with the new IVECO T-WAY: designed for the most extreme conditions…


IVECO has now completed the IVECO WAY heavy duty truck range with the new dedicated construction multi-axle vehicle designed and engineered for the toughest missions in the most extreme conditions, which takes over from the legendary TRAKKER.


Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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Romano Pisciotti


IVECO: Self-driving truck technology

Self-driving truck technology developer Plus announced it signed a memorandum of understanding with Iveco, a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., to jointly develop autonomous trucks that will be deployed across China, Europe and other areas.

“Our teams will work closely to develop and deploy autonomous trucks, including one that is powered by natural gas,” Shawn Kerrigan, chief operating officer and co-founder of Plus, said in a release. “Iveco’s global footprint in over 160 countries will enable us to accelerate our commercial deployment and magnify the impact of our autonomous driving technology.”

Under the terms of the nonbinding memorandum of understanding, Iveco and Plus will integrate Iveco’s latest-generation S-WAY heavy-duty truck with the PlusDrive full-stack autonomous driving system, according to California-based Plus.


Presented by Romano Pisciotti


Over 4.900 service points located worldwide provide Iveco with a true global coverage which, combined with an appreciation of particular local concerns, enables the company to provide assistance where and when it is needed and to respond to major situations quickly and effectively.

IVECO vehicles are used all over the world. The brand designs, manufactures and sells a huge range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles for on and off-road use. The key players in the brand’s product line-up are the Daily,
a vehicle that covers the 3.3 – 7.2 ton gross vehicle weight segment, the Eurocargo
from 6 – 19 tons and, in the heavy segment above 16 tons, the Trakker (dedicated to off-road missions) and the IVECO WAY range with the on-road IVECO S-WAY,
the IVECO X-WAY for light off-road missions and
Ensuring that customers acquire the right vehicle to meet their needs is the goal: the brand uses a vehicle configurator and a mission configurator to help them choose exactly the right van or truck for their businesses. With over 150 years of experience, IVECO has been committed to creating safe, efficient and sustainable vehicles. The brand is the only producer offering ecological diesel and natural gas engines on all of its range, and was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to make a substantial investment in natural gas, developing engines optimized to use CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas).
Iveco Defence Vehicles’ range of Armoured and Multirole Vehicles, Tactical and Logistic Trucks covers the full spectrum of on- and off-road military requirements. It represents a well thought through, comprehensive and effective response to the needs of the military, security and civil protection customer



To be operated with profit, mines, quarries and challenging job sites (such as dams or oil & gas pipelines) require the most robust and performing machines on earth. ASTRA is the one-stop shop for all these.






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Presented by Romano Pisciotti

IVECO is Europe’s leading manufacturer of natural gas commercial vehicles.

Europe’s truck manufacturers have concluded that by 2040 all new trucks sold need to be fossil free in order to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050. It will be possible to meet this target provided the right charging/refuelling infrastructure is built and a coherent policy framework is put into place.


Whether you need a van or a 44 ton gas-powered truck for long-distance haulage, IVECO is the only manufacturer that offers you reliable sustainability in every class. With around 25,000 natural gas engines manufactured and over one billion kilometres driven since 1996, IVECO is Europe’s leading manufacturer of natural gas commercial vehicles.




The demand for alternative drive technologies is increasing. More and more transport companies worldwide are switching to sustainable solutions and are therefore not only making a decisive contribution to a clean environment – but at the same time benefiting from tangible economic advantages, benefiting​ everyone.
Presented by Romano Pisciotti
IVECO Nigeria: Motor Parts Industry

German Bundeswehr has contracted Iveco Defence Vehicles

The defense arm of Iveco has announced that German Bundeswehr has contracted Iveco Defence Vehicles to supply the 1048 military Trakker trucks.

Italian vehicle manufacturer reported that BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) has awarded a frame contract for the supply of up to 1048 military trucks to be delivered in 2021 – 2028.

The project will start with an initial fixed batch of 224 units of 8×8 vehicles from the Iveco Defence militarized Trakker range, which will be supplied in five different configurations prepared for 20” – ISO-container-transport, some with hydraulic cranes and winch systems, and represents another new milestone and consequent next step in the GTF-family of the German Army.

All vehicles fulfill the most modern EURO-6-emission-level (still ready for single-fuel-operation) and will be supplied with a protected cab which currently offers among the best-in-class levels of ballistic, mine, NBC- and IED protection. These cabs also provide the users with a high level of crew comfort and are designed to accommodate a variety of modern military communication and command systems.

The company said that over the last years, Iveco Defence Vehicles has delivered around 2.000 vehicles from its wide product range to the German Army, including protected customized versions (e.g. GTF 8×8 batch 1 and 2, TEP-90, STW-8×8, Tipper-8×8, Sideloader-8×8, ISO-container-transport-8×8 and Tractor-6×6), which have already been extensively fielded in operational theatres.

“Iveco Defence Vehicles is proud to continue its solid partnership with the German Army for the years to come,” the comapany said in a statement. “


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