The continent ranks first or second in world reserves of minerals and metals that include industrial diamonds, platinum, phosphate rock, bauxite, cobalt, zirconium and vermiculite.
Africa also has vast reserves of gold, copper, iron ore, steel, lead, manganese, natural diamonds, coal and uranium.

The mining industry in Africa is an important source of earnings for the continent. For many African countries mineral exploration and production for export is the key to economic stability and growth. The industry provides innumerable jobs and supports thousands of local families. The commodities that are reliant on the mining, refinement and production of minerals and metals are vast. As with most massive industries there are fluctuations and changes..


One of the most important items of capital cost in the mining sector is mobile mining machinery equipment…



…… therefore it is important to invest in efficient and long-lasting vehicles:


ASTRA IVECO in Nigeria: Motor Parts Industry (MPI)

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Sweeper on Iveco chassis.  


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Motor Parts Industry

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Daily in the truck version

Much more than just a commercial vehicle. The New Daily truck is designed to help you work sustainably and maximize your performance.

In the new Daily in the truck version, technology is at the driver’s service: when you spend most of the day behind the wheel, you need to have living conditions on board and an unparalleled driving experience.

Molto più di un semplice veicolo commerciale. Il Nuovo Daily autocarro è progettato per aiutarti a lavorare in modo sostenibile e massimizzare il tuo rendimento.

Nel Nuovo Daily in versione autocarro la tecnologia è al servizio dell’autista: quando si trascorre la maggior parte della giornata al volante, è necessario poter disporre di condizioni di vita a bordo e di un’esperienza di guida impareggiabili.

MPI Motor Parts Industry (IVECO Nigeria)

Lagos Nigeria

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FIAT – IVECO in Africa

Old African lions

Hanno più di quarant’anni, hanno perso lo smalto ma non la forza

They are over forty years old, they have lost their enamel but not their strength


In servizio permanente attivo sulle difficili strade africane

In permanent service on difficult African roads


Romano Pisciotti

Motor Parts Industry