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1954 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva

The Sportiva was a small car that relied on the solid Alfa Romeo engineering built up from the prewar period.

A short wheelbase chassis was sent by Alfa to the Studios of Bertone to be dressed in a body that would attract customers as series production supercar. Franco Scaglione was assisted with the project and together with Bertone they designed both a coupe and convertible version.

Even though the Sportiva complied with sport category racing regulations, the car never went into regular production. Only four show cars were completed including two convertible examples. It is a shame really, since the car was road tested as very production worthy


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Romano Pisciotti

1956 Ferrari 250 GT Zagato

Ferrari and Zagato’s relationship formed one of the most desirable ‘marriages’ in car design, the 250GT Zagato. It was their most successful collaboration and only a few were ever made for requesting clients.

For the Ferrari 250, Zagato used his lightweight, aeronautic techniques which he first adopted when founding his coach building company in 1919. This meant the lightweight and purposeful bodywork on the 250 GTZ not only looked incredible, it helped Camillo Luglio become the Italian sports car champion twice over.

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In 1953, Fiat redesigned the 1100 ‘Millecento’ as a compact 4-door sedan with a modern monocoque bodywork and integrated front lights. (Fiat’s British advertising of the day dubbed it ‘the magic Millecento.’) It used Fiat’s well-established 1089cc OHV engine with cast-iron block and aluminum alloy cylinder head. The front suspension had coil springs, with upper and lower wishbone arms; leaf springs at the back. Both ends have double-acting hydraulic dampers and anti-roll bars. The body features rear-hinged front doors, still common on Continental cars of the time.

Premiered at the Paris Salon in 1953, the ‘TV’ (Turismo Veloce) was the higher-performance version of the newly introduced FIAT 1100 Berlina (saloon). Introduced at the Geneva Salon earlier that same year, the 1100/103 featured unitary construction of the body/chassis and was powered by an entirely new 1,089cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine. Saloon and station wagon models were offered. For the Turismo Veloce, power was raised from 36 to 50bhp, giving the TV a top speed of 135km/h. A single spot lamp on the centre of the radiator grille was a distinguishing feature of the TV, which featured additional exterior chrome trim and could be ordered with two-tone paintwork. A trasformabile (convertible) TV was added to the range in 1955. The TV was raced extensively by FIAT’s more sporting customers, its most prestigious victories including class wins at the Mille Miglia in 1954 and 1955.

Carrozzeria Pininfarina offered its own two-door coupé on the 1100 TV platform. The car was first displayed at the 1953 Paris Salon, and the famed Italian coachbuilder would go on to build some 780 examples over the next three years. From around 1955 Pininfarina’s graceful and well proportioned TV coupé featured a wraparound rear window (as seen on this example) similar to that found on some of the Carrozzeria’s Ferraris of the time.


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Command & Control

LEONARDO: Systems for total naval dominance

With over 60 years of leadership, we have equipped more than 1,000 ships for 70 Navies worldwide. Our expertise ranges from entirely integrated naval combat and ISR systems to single sensors, above and underwater weaponry, IFF, sonar and communication systems.


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Totem GT electric based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

This is the new Totem GT electric based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

Totem, an Italian company that specializes in reviving vintage cars, is now working hard on rebuilding an Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior, but a Giulia with a difference. The latest work from Totem sees them converting a classic alfa to Epower for the first time. The GT Electric is based on the GT Junior, one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, however the GT Electric exterior features design inspirations from a few Giulia models from across the years.

A 50.4-kwh battery pack provides a range of 199 miles at “standard pace,” according to the company. The prototype car has a 6.6-kw onboard charger, but production cars will have a more-powerful fast-charging system, the company confirmed.

Totem said the battery pack weighs 771.6 pounds, but the carbon-fiber body will offset some of that weight. Only 10 per cent of the original chassis is retained, with the rest replaced by aluminum and carbon fibre to support over 510hp and 940Nm of power. This helps the GT Electric accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds. Totem have made some subtle changes: The GT Electric has four headlights instead of the original two, the C-pillar is redesigned, and the Alfa grille badge lacks the bars of the original. Totem also redesigned the underside of the car to improve aerodynamics, creating a flat floor with rear air diffusers to generate enhanced downforce. The interior has been significantly updated as you would expect, with a digital dash display and Bluetooth infotainment system.




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…this car will be the replacement for the brand’s current-production GranTurismo sports car and will retain that name. The new 2021 GranTurismo will join the lineup about a year after the upcoming MC20 supercar. Although the details shared with us over the years have changed, we expect the Alfieri-turned-GranTurismo to retain at least some of the beautiful bodywork of the Alfieri concept car, which is sure to make it a stunner. Maserati claims it will offer an electrified powertrain, and also tells us that a convertible variant—called GranCabrio—will launch in 2022.



Porteur Polyvalent Logistique, IVECO

Nouvelle série de vidéo, nous vous proposons de découvrir nos véhicules de l’armée de Terre. Retrouvez dans ce premier épisode le PPLOG (porteur polyvalent logistique) présenté par le maréchal des logis chef Yann, conducteur.

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Can a car ever be art?

Can a car ever be art?  Most experts say no, but they obviously haven’t seen the Alfa Romeo 8C, the best looking car ever made – according to Jeremy Clarkson.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is a Gran Turismo produced in a limited series by the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo since 2007.

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MPI Lagos


Designed for maximum productivity and including high safety features, the ASTRA Rigid Dumpers are the ideal vehicles for working in the most extreme conditions, when resilience and output are decisive factors. These vehicles are equipped with electronically-operated, high-performance engines with Allison automatic transmission which automatically selects the most appropriate gear depending on the vehicle’s speed and the engine revolutions, ensuring the optimal gear selection in any situation. The range of ASTRA Rigid Dumpers is made up of the following 4 models: RD28, RD32, RD40 and RD50.

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