Where the giants don’t arrive

The DAILY 4×4 in fire brigade version is an emergency vehicle able to “slip on” every place without knowing obstacles: suitable for the city center as for inaccessible mountain roads, in any weather conditions.


Presented by Romano Pisciotti, Motor Parts Industry ( MPI) – IVECO  Nigeria

MPI Nigeria

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IVECO Daily 4×4

New Daily 4×4 competes in a small but very important market niche of working 4×4 vehicles. It is a market that has grown over the years reflecting the importance of the market segment; that of professional all wheel drive vehicles that are able to go anywhere and are expected to do so, typically with users such as utility companies and specialist applications.

Iveco’s expertise in this market spreads right across the range – Daily, Eurocargo and Trakker – covering all aspects of vehicle operation from the highest of hills to the deepest of valleys, these all wheel drive vehicles are exceedingly rugged taking men and equipment where they are most needed, often in emergency conditions. The reliability of these vehicles is second to no other category as is their capability to operate under normal conditions too. Driver comfort too is not compromised. Driving off road is often stressful; not always the fun pastime it would seem.



Behind the wheel of Daily 4×4

New Daily 4×4 looks the part. It rides high off the ground giving the driver an excellent field of view, an essential aspect where off road often means no roads, which of course contributes to its off road performance. The approach angle of 51°, ramp angle of up to 35°, the departure angle of up to 42° and wading capability of 700 mm confirm new Daily to be the go anywhere vehicle it is designed to be. New Daily 4×4 is immediately recognisable by the cab style carried over from new Daily but with a new front bumper in which are mounted the fog and dipped headlights.

Interior cab comforts are carried over from New Daily as is the crew cab, providing seating for the driver and up to six passengers. Driver essential controls such as the dash mounted gear shift, in common with new Daily, and the transfer box controls are ergonomically sited. There is excellent provision for documents and other essential items in the cab. Up to three DIN slots are available to house the radio, tachograph, if required, and other accessories like GPS navigation system. Driver and passenger seating can be tailored to suit customer requirements including features such as suspension seating and seat heating.

The power to do the job

The most powerful engine from the new Daily range, the 176 Cv 3.0 litre HPT engine, ensures the most can be made of new Daily’s off road capability. Off road it may be but environmentally sound it most certainly is. New Daily 4×4 is certified to the Euro IV emission levels and comes equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter as part of its standard equipment. Thanks to the advanced common rail fuel injection system, continuous regeneration of the filter is ensured even when the engine isn’t working particularly hard, such as stationary power take off conditions. The engine is coupled to the ZF 6S400 overdrive transmission and the remote mounted transfer box with a third differential to provide permanent four wheel drive under all conditions, off and on road. When the going gets tough, the standard third differential lock and rear axle differential lock keep Daily 4×4 moving. If required, the front axle differential lock is available as a production option. All differential locks can be engaged with the vehicle in motion and automatically disengage when the vehicle exceeds differing speeds depending on the differential lock concerned.

Romano Pisciotti, MPI Dealer in Nigeria. italmotor@gmail.com