IVECO Daily Electric

IVECO is proud to be recognized as an innovative frontrunner in electric vehicles having built its first Daily Electric vehicle in 1986.

The Daily Electric is a zero local emissions light commercial vehicle, designed, built, sold and serviced entirely by Iveco.

The Daily Electric is a battery powered electric propulsion vehicle. An inverter controlled electric motor provides the drive and recovers kinetic energy on braking.

The Daily Electric is equipped with batteries that do not produce gaseous emissions, require no servicing and are totally recyclable. Depending on version and mileage requirements, the Daily Electric can be equipped with a regenerative braking system for recharging the batteries and boosting mileage. Top speed is electronically limited, while autonomy ranges from 90 to 130 km at full load, depending on the nature of the mission.

​Battery weight used to be a limit to the practicality of electric vehicles by reducing maximum payload. Iveco has overcome this problem using increasingly lighter batteries over time.

The auxiliary systems, such as the battery cooling system and the braking servo pump, are powered by 12 V electric motors controlled by DC/DC inverters. The power steering pump is powered directly by the DC traction battery.

A display on the dashboard connects the driver with all the information he needs to drive the vehicle adequately including: battery state of charge, voltage, temperature, battery current and information on the functioning of the electric drive system. The Daily Electric is quite intuitive to drive and is similar to a conventional van with an automatic transmission.

Iveco’s Electric vehicles adapt perfectly to all typical missions in urban areas, including door-to-door distribution and urban passenger transport.

Presented by Motor Parts Industry, Romano Pisciotti

Lagos, Nigeria

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