ALFA 1000

With its 6-cylinder in-line atmospheric aspiration diesel engine (Bussing license) with direct injection of 11,050 cc from 163 hp at 2000 rpm and ZF gearbox with electro-pneumatically controlled reduction gear and a refined cabin built by Aerfer on a chassis built by OTP Melara did not have the Fiat 682 N2 and then the Fiat 690 N as its main enemy, nor the Lancia Esagamma.

The reason for its lack of success, barely 2,500 units built in seven years on the price lists, were the Alfa Romeo branches, commissioners and dealers, who in turn were little solicited by the inspectors of the brand who visited them. Committed to manufacturing sleek sedans and wonderful coupés and spiders, the Casa del Biscione (Alfa Romeo) left the truck sector to starve, officially exiting it in 1965 when model number 2518 left the company assembly lines, while in Brazil the production, marked FNM, continued for years and with some success.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti


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