The two largest steel beams in the world

Cimolai builds the two largest steel beams in the world

They will be installed on the Pioneering Spirit ship as part of the oil rig and pipeline lifting system.

The longest steel beams in the world are made in Italy. Cimolai Spa, a leading international company in the design, supply and assembly of complex steel structures, has in fact created for Allseas one of the major international companies in the offshore field two steel beams 170 meters long each, unique in their complexity.

The two JLS beams, each weighing 6,500 tons, were loaded onto Allseas’ Iron Lady barge, and shipped to Rotterdam, where they will be installed on the Pioneering Spirit vessel.

It is an avant-garde project of considerable complexity, both for its size and for the material used (steel with grade S690). Furthermore, as the two beams are integral parts of a complex system, very high attention and precision was required in compliance with construction tolerances. The project is completed by electrical, hydraulic, instrumental outfitting systems and the management of the ballast tanks, which allow their rotation.

The Pioneering Spirit is the largest construction vessel in the world, designed for the installation and removal of oil and gas platforms and pipelines of exceptional size.

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