Lancia Ypsilon hybrid

Lancia Ypsilon becomes hybrid: here is the new Hybrid EcoChic
Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic brings electrification to the Lancia home.

It is powered by the same mild hybrid FireFly 1.0 engine as the similar Fiat and 500 and Panda

Presented by ITALMOTOR, Romano Pisciotti

The new version is called Hybrid Ecochic and is powered by the same powertrain with 12 Volt mild hybrid technology which debuted with the similar Fiat 500 and Panda. This is the three-cylinder FireFly 1.0 with 70 hp integrated by a 4.9 hp electric motor-generator connected to the crankshaft via the auxiliary services belt. The electric unit recovers energy in the slowdowns to be stored in an 11 Ah lithium ion battery which, then, makes it available up to a peak power of 3.6 kW in the phases in which it is important to soothe the requests for petrol thermal unit. The system also provides for the engine to be turned off below 30 Km per hour putting the gearbox in neutral.

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