Electrical, biomethane, hydrogen. Alternative fuels are gaining ground in the transport sector, but it is not yet easy to see what the scenario will look like in the near future. Fabrizio Buffa, from IVECO, offers us a complete overview of the short term scenario: if electric is expected to be the protagonist of the light transport category, the prospects for heavy vehicles, which require more autonomy, look different. For these, in fact, while there is a lot of talk about hydrogen, the choice will undoubtedly fall on biomethane as a ready-to-use fuel, economically sustainable and characterised by a very low environmental impact.  

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

Biogas, also called biomethane, has the same chemical composition as natural gas but is not of fossil origin.
Biogas is obtained from plants and, during combustion, only the CO2 absorbed by them during their growth returns to the atmosphere – compared to diesel vehicles, this means a reduction in the CO2 footprint of up to 95%. And fewer and fewer plants are grown specifically for the production of biogas, since the gas can also be obtained from vegetable waste which in any case must be disposed of.

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