FIAT 615

The Fiat 615 is a light truck produced by the Italian car manufacturer FIAT from 1951 to 1965.

In the early post-war years, the enormous reconstruction activity made it necessary to use vehicles for transporting goods and materials, made impossible to find by their use for war purposes in previous years.

At first FIAT put into production the “1100 ELR”, a commercial version of the corresponding saloon model which, equipped with a reduced load capacity and a chassis designed for cars, could not be used for heavy tasks.
At the same time, Fiat technicians were designing a light truck, particularly robust and versatile, coupled to a new multipurpose diesel engine which, given its compactness, posed various refinement problems. It was therefore decided to debut the petrol version of the truck.

The Fiat 615 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1951, a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t and a payload of 1,500 kg. The sturdy two-axle frame with central truss and rear twin wheels is equipped with a 1395 cm3 in-line four-cylinder petrol engine. The power of 39 HP allows a maximum speed of about 80 km / h.

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