Autobianchi Bianchina

On September 16, 1957, the Autobianchi Bianchina was presented at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. Also known as Trasformabile or with the design code 110B, the Autobianchi Bianchina was 299 cm long, 134 cm wide and 113 cm high, while the wheelbase amounted to just 184 cm. Higher not only than the Fiat 500 from which it derived, but also compared to the Fiat 600.

The Bianchina ‘Trasformabile’ was warmly welcomed on the market, as it was assembled – and sold – about 11,000 units in the first year of production alone.

The Bianchina Cabriolet made its debut on the international stage of the Geneva Motor Show, showing off the integral canvas top, the two-seater passenger compartment and the 22 HP 500 engine that allowed it to reach a top speed of 105 km / h.

The Bianchina Panoramica, on the other hand, had the bodywork of a family car and shared the ‘sole’ 19 HP 500 engine with the Fiat 500 Giardiniera. Among the specific features were the two-tone paint, the wheelbase wider than ten centimeters, the passenger compartment with four seats, the sunroof and the tailgate, the latter designed for maximum practicality.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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